SESSION 2019-20

Magadham International School is celebrating its 4th Annual Day today. I share here the achievements of the years which are as follows.

  1.   This year Magadham received one of the most prestigious award i.e, International School Award by British Council. So, we are the only school in Vidisha to have this award. In the journey of this award we had the schools of Korea, Egypt and Ghana as our partner schools. Our students conducted 7 integrated activities with these students.
  2.  No plastic campaign by students. Polythenes were banned from the campus. Students were compelled to use paper or cloth bags for tiffins. Students were asked to communicate the same to their neighbours and relatives. We had a great response from our parents also regarding the same. Grade 10 students did “no plastic campaign” by making hand made cards and distributing it to people in DB Mall Bhopal. This was highly appreciated by all.
  3. This year we successfully conducted English, Science and Math Olympiad again in association with British Council.
  4.  We launched English Ambassador Program to remove hesitation among students regarding English speaking. We conducted several activities in series like Spell Bee, Just a minute activity, Eng debate etc.
  5.   We have organized several educational trips for the students of Grade 1 to 10. We took students to Regional Science Centre, Bhopal, Shaurya Smarak Bhopal, Sanchi Stupa, Van Vihar to them where they gained knowledge with fun.
  6.  For next year we are planning to have Astronomy classes for Grade 1 to 10. Atleast one period per week will be given to each class.