1. Mobile App

Nowadays, with change we have more ways to keep in touch with the teachers or the school authorities. We at Magadham International School have used advanced software that connects teachers and parents.


2.Robotic Lab


We presents a study of automation in the  school chemical Inquiry based laboratory. Simple computer-controlled devices for automation of basic manual operations were constructed and integrated with the data collection and management systems of the Fourier-Systems Inc. in students' lab sessions. We examined characteristics of learning in the new automated laboratory environment, evaluated educational outcomes and students' attitudes.

One of the advantages to automation is faster processing, but it is not necessarily faster than a human operator. Repeatability and reproducibility are improved as automated systems as less likely to have variances in reagent quantities and less likely to have variances in reaction conditions. Typically productivity is increased since human constraints, such as time constraints, are no longer a factor. Efficiency is generally improved as robots can work continuously and reduce the amount of reagents used to perform a reaction. Also there is a reduction in material waste. Automation can also establish safer working environments since hazardous compounds do not have to be handled. Additionally automation allows staff to focus on other tasks that are not repetitive.


3.CCTV Camera

When security cameras a placed in plain sight they have been shown to reduce criminal activity in that area.



Magadham International School has a well equipped computer lab accessible to students with advanced hardware and software to cater to the requirements of students of all classes.

At Mgadham International School much importance is given to a "prepared environment" of appropriate computer based learning. The goal of our education system is to make the appication of computer based teaching not the exception, but rule.



Play is our brains favourite way of learning.



MIS believes that a healthy body promotes a sound mind.



Magadham believes that a healthy body promotes a sound mind. There are facilities to deal with the routine health problems of the students. Regular medical checkups are organised by the school to ensure good health and well being of the students.


8.Extra classes

First at all, extra classes at school is free of fees. If children attend extra classes at school, they will help their parents to save money and reduce their parents' burden.

Nowadays, each tuition class need to pay an expensive fee each month. It is a big amount! Since children will also get improvement at their studies by attend the extra classes at school. So, extra class can be substitute for tuition class.